A Leiningen template for CLJS on Node projects

After describing how to abuse the mies template for profit, I promptly decided to write my own Leiningen template to simplify getting started with CLJS on Node.

The nodecljs template creates a project skeleton for you that allows you to kickstart your CLJS development:

$ lein new nodecljs hello-world
Generating fresh 'lein new' nodecljs project.
$ cd hello-world/
$ lein cljsbuild once
Compiling ClojureScript.
Compiling "hello_world.js" from ["src"]...
Successfully compiled "hello_world.js" in 7.605 seconds.
$ node hello_world.js
Hello world!

At the moment the generated project.clj and core.cljs files are very basic, but I would expect that we can do more interesting stuff in the future. For example, we could setup multiple lein-cljsbuild build environments.

The template project source is on github. Pull requests are welcome.

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